The Bubble Tea Company

The Bubble Tea Company is the first to bring the world of Bubble Tea to South Africa. It all started when the ‘founder’, on her many overseas trips fell in love with this Bubble Tea invention. However, it was more of an addiction than love, which is why she couldn’t wait to travel to places where she could get Bubble Tea over and over again. Eventually these overseas trips to Bubble Tea selling countries started getting too expensive so she decided to bring Bubble Tea to South Africa and spread the addiction.

Since its debut in Cape Town in December 2012, The Bubble Tea Company has not only opened many stores nationwide but also started supplying Cafés, Restaurants and Bars with its unique and top quality products. The aim is to make Bubble Tea available to each and every person within closest proximity, whether that’s in the CBD or the plaas. Everyone deserves a taste of the good life, proudly brought to you by The Bubble Tea Company South Africa!